Pronounced: (AN-sehlm)

Race: Githzerai

Gender: Male

Class: Wizard/Psion

Alignment: True Neutral

Age: 4390

Favored Weapon: None

Domains: Teleportation, Telekinesis, Travel, Space/Time, Knowledge, Magic, Psionics

Artifact: Spellbook

Aliases: Eternal Nomad, Arcane Gatekeeper, Astral Traveler, Master of Psychoportation

Symbol: Open door

Description: Anselm has at least one temple in every country and plane. All of Anselm’s temples are nexuses, points where the planes intersect. This is due to the fact that Anselm created his own “meditation plane,” and placed entrances to it in the center of each of his temples. If a person wishes to be teleported to any other country or plane, all he or she needs to do is find a temple of Anselm and donate to them. As all temples of Anselm are connected, he or she will be instantly teleported to another temple elsewhere. Due to the heightened psionic aura around all of his temples, all of his clerics and paladins also have some psionic powers in the psychoportation discipline. His favored souls gain no additional psionic powers, as their powers are inherent, not studied.


Adar Ardacil