Bloodborn Fraona

Pronunciation: (fray-OH-na)

Race: Illumian

Gender: Female

Class: Wizard/Rogue/Fighter/Cleric

Alignment: True Neutral

Age: 4659

Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword

Domains: Multiclass, Versatility, Language, Illumian, Healing, Knowledge, Magic

Artifact: Quill

Aliases: Wordsmith, Fraona of the Word, Master Scribe, Patron of the Word Made Flesh

Symbol: Illumian runes

Description: A scholar and adventurer of some renown, Fraona received her Artifact while studying. She now rules the Illumian lands as queen. During her reign, the Illumians have become even more xenophobic and insular.

Bloodborn Fraona

Adar Ardacil