The Battle of Tam Lin's Folly

The party began aboard the “Tam Lin’s Folly,” a large cargo ship owned and captained by Tam Lin. After several days of mind-numbing boredom en route to The Free Republic of ArgenRose, the ship was rocked by an explosion from within.

MILO TOPPELHILL and Pyrrhus were on the deck of the Folly helping the crew when they heard and felt the explosion. As they rushed to the ladder leading below deck, the hatch suddenly flew open and they were knocked prone by a strong gust of wind. A swirling mass of detritus flew out of the hatch and formed itself into a vaguely humanoid shape. Pyrrhus identified it as an Air Elemental, but one far larger than any he’d ever seen.

The crewmembers on deck immediately grabbed weapons and belaying pins and charged it. The Elemental responded by throwing them all overboard, then reaching out and snapping one of the guylines that tethered the ship to its envelope. Pyrrhus and Milo realized that it was trying to destroy the ship.

Lacking weapons and armor, Pyrrhus grabbed a nearby belaying pin and began distracting the elemental, calling it out with a Knight’s Challenge and wrapping a line about him to secure himself to the deck. Milo, meanwhile, began cutting the ropes that held a nearby canvas down over some cargo, with the intention of using the canvas to trap the Elemental.

For a few rounds they fought, with the Elemental knocking Pyrrhus down in order to snap more guylines.

Then, the hatch suddenly burst open again and out charged Captain Tam Lin, Imladriel (one of the ship’s passengers), and the ship’s bos’un, all with weapons drawn. The bos’un was immediately flung overboard by the Elemental, but Tam Lin and Imladriel each managed to hurt it.

The Elemental then attacked Tam Lin, throwing him overboard, but at the last second he flung out his whip, wrapping it around the gunwale. He took his cutlass between his teeth and began climbing up, hand-over-hand. Pyrrhus immediately moved over to haul the captain back to the deck.

Meanwhile, Milo continued cutting the ropes that secured the canvas.

At the same time, Imladriel was firing spell after spell into the Elemental, which grew into an enormous whirlwind and tried to fling her from the ship. She held her ground, however, by adopting a defensive stance.

Pyrrhus charged the Elemental, hurling insults as fast as he could think of them, and managed to stay on deck by the skin of his draconic teeth when it tried to fling him overboard.

Tam Lin, in a dazzling display of heroics, dropped his whip and grabbed a nearby rope, swinging from it while screaming in defiance of the elemental. At the apex of his swing, he let go of the rope, flying through the air to bring down a two-handed slash with his cutlass. The Elemental then swept him up in its winds, flinging him through the air and overboard.

Meanwhile, Milo continued cutting the ropes that secured the canvas.

Finding itself with no immediate threats, the Elemental reached out and snapped a fifth guyline. The ship lurched and with loud twangs the remaining guylines each snapped, sending the ship plummeting to its doom.

Milo and Pyrrhus awakened on a rocky shore. Around them, amid flotsam and debris, lay a few bodies. They identified two of them as Imladriel and Tam Lin. Pyrrhus shook Imladriel awake, then went to Tam Lin. He was unable to ascertain whether the captain was alive or dead. Imladriel, with a condescending sigh, turned the captain’s body over, revealing a large spike of wood protruding from his chest. She bowed her head, whispered a prayer, and closed his eyes.


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