Baelthera Talavelas

Pronunciation: (BAY-ehl-thehr’-a tahl-AHV-ell-ahss)

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Class: Druid

Alignment: True Neutral

Age: Unknown

Favored Weapon: Staff

Domains: Forest, Animal, Plant, Harvest, Earth, Healing, Magic, Protection, Water

Artifact: Unknown

Aliases: Forest Mother, Treeherder, Old One, Womb of Adar

Symbol: Holly branch

Description: Widely believed to be the oldest god, Baelthera is the embodiment of neutrality. She lives as a nomadic hermit, and even the other gods do not know where she may be at any given moment. She defends the forests fiercely, to the point where lumberjacks hire her priests just to see if she inhabits their particular forest before they strike their first axe blow.

Baelthera Talavelas

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