Kallura Genreen

Pronunciation: (kal-OOR-ah GEHN-ree-ehn)

Race: Jerren

Gender: Female

Class: Assassin

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Age: 983

Favored Weapon: Dagger

Domains: Poison, Backstabbing, Mercenary, Drugs, Death, Evil, Water

Artifact: Unknown

Aliases: Dark Poisoner, Swift Death, Unholy Mercenary, Deadly Lurker

Symbol: Dagger dripping green ichor

Description: A self-proclaimed scholar of poisons, Kallura spends most of her time developing new and interesting combinations of poisons, in order to provide unique effects. If you want someone to turn green six hours after death, she is the one to ask. If you wish for a person to die slowly over a period of time while gradually losing the sense of smell, with the exception of the scent of roses, she probably has a poison for you. She sells her “designer poisons” for set rates, funding her ever more exotic ingredients. Occasionally, for the right price, she will take a more personal hand in a death, selling her services as an assassin for hire. She also has a thriving business in illicit substances. She uses her wealth and power to rule over Jerrendar.

Kallura Genreen

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